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De-icing Products

Roof and Gutters
To keep the ice from building up and causing major damage and leaking to your roof system, we have several options for you. We carry several roof and gutter de-icing kits which will help end costly ice damage by preventing ice dam formation and creating a path for melted snow or ice to drain from the roof to ground. Choose from 20' to 120' lengths they are pre-assembled and ready to install.

Keep Pipes from Freezing
Every year we think that our pipes won't freeze, but they do. Here are some easy ways to keep that from happening. You can use either foil paper insulation, small rolls of fiberglass, foam tubular sleeves, or Heat tape with energy saving thermostat. Ask our experts which product will work best for you.

Faucet Covers
It's time to cover you exterior faucets with a faucet cover made from weather resistant rigid foam and easy to install. odorless and tasteless for fresh water and plumbing systems, boats, RV's , homes and trailers. Use full strength, no mixing required. Protects to -50 degrees. Do not use in automobile radiator or boat engine.



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De-icing Products

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