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June 13, 2014
GeraniumsThis favorite of the home gardener and landscaper carries masses of vividly colored blossoms above tidy foliage. It is low maintenance and heat and drought tolerant. Blooming in a wide array of colors from whites, pinks, salmon, purples, reds, and even bi-colors. We also carry some scented geraniums in rose and citronella scent, that will help keep mosquito's away. Most any other annual will make a great companion plant for Geraniums.

June 6, 2014
NicotianaFree-flowering annuals or tender perennial. Nicotianas have tubular or trumpet-shaped flowers and leaves that are slightly hairy. Great for planting in border beds or planters. Nicotiana prefers full sun to part shade and once established are drought tolerate. They bloom summer to frost, depending on variety, will grow from 24 -36". Snapdragons and Salvia would make good companion plants.

May 30, 2014
HelichrysumI just love this plant. Helichrysum is used as a filler and trailer for hanging baskets and planters. Helichrysum do flower, but are like straw flowers. I use them for dried arrangements. The leaves come in a few different shades – Chartreuse, lime-green, variegated, and my favorite grey and are velvety. One of the benefits of this plant is that the deer won't eat them. They prefer to be planted in full to light shade. They are also drought tolerant, which is an extra bonus. I usually plant my on there own in a planter, but you could plant with purple Wave Petunias or Hot pink Geraniums.

May 23, 2014
MarigoldsEver popular, sun-loving Marigolds are easily grown, from tall, large-flowered varieties to short, smaller ones. The finely cut foliage has a distinctive scent. We carry several different varieties, which include African, which have large round flower heads. Bloom all summer long reaching 16 -20" tall. Next, is French which has many varieties and colors. Some of these will reach 5 – 8" tall and reaching up to 30". Signet varieties are upright, with many small single flowers. Ferny, fragrant foliage, forms a dense, tidy mound. Plant blue Lobelia or different colored Violas.

May 16, 2014
DiasciaDiascia are a cool season perfomer, Diascia has masses of small twin-spurred flowers that virtually cover the dense foliage. Diascia prefers full to part sun and well drained soils. Color choices such as pinks, orange, red, salmon, and white, and reach about 10 inches in height. Excellent for hanging baskets, other companion plants would be Lobelia with mostly blooming in various shades of blues. Or choose Nemisia, which have similar flower heads.

May 9, 2014
FuchsiaFuchsia is our most popular hanging basket for each season. Fuchsia are best used in hanging baskets or deck planters. Blossoms attract hummingbirds as soon as you hang this plant up, or at least I see them in our greenhouse, as soon as they arrive. Fuchsia are a nonstop bloomer, but will need regular fertilizing. We carry chemical fertilizers such as Miracle-Gro, as well as a wide variety of organic fertilizers like Jobes, Whitney Farms, Alaska and Earth Juice. Fuchsias prefer part shade to shade and moist, but well drained soil. One tip – keep fuchsia out of the wind.

May 2, 2014
CalibrachoaThis particular annual provides you with hundreds of colorful flowers. The color choices are unlimited such as pinks, oranges, purples, reds, whites, and even two tones. The flowers look like mini Petunias and the foliage is mounding and trailing forms, plus grows quite rapidly. Calibrachoa blooms all season long and prefers full sun and well drained soil. Calibrachoa are best planted in hanging containers. Here are some good companion plants Bacopa – available in blue or white flowers, Sanvitalia – creeping zinna – small yellow flowers.

April 25, 2014
PansiesYou always know when spring has arrived by the colorful big faced pansies. Pansies can be planted in flower borders, planters or hanging baskets. Pansies are treated as annuals, but usually come back the next year, either by existing plant depending on the winter, or by seed. Rule of thumb, the smaller the face, the hardier the pansy. Example, Johnny jump-ups being the hardies. They prefer full sunlight to partial shade. Moist soil, but well drained. Deadhead pansies to keep them blooming. Later in the growing season, if pansies get too leggy, cut them back by half.

Fertilize with a general purpose fertilizer like Miracle-Gro throughout the growing season. Or when you initially plant, use Osmocote fertilizer which is a slow release fertilizer, that will work for up to four months. Every year there are new varieties and colors to choose from. Plant either alyssum or Bunny Tail (ornamental grass) with your favorite pansy. I planted viola's with Marigold 'Lemon Gem', which has fern like foliage and lemon blossom with four petals.


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