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Installing Bi-fold Doors

Step 1
Set the top pivot in the top hole on the pivot door and tap it into position with a hammer.

Step 2
Set the guide pivot into the hole on the guide door. Tap into hole with hammer.

Step 3
Locate the jamb bracket on the floor, so that it's in line with the track.

Step 4
Drill pilot holes in the jamb and the floor for installation of the jamb's bracket screws, now install the jamb bracket's with the screws.

Installing the doors
Step 1
Place the top pivot in the pivot hole, slightly lift the door and then seat the bottom pivot in the jamb bracket.

Step 2
Insert the snugger guide into the track, now depress the guide pivot to fit inside the track.

Step 3
Follow the instructions for adjusting the doors.

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Installing Bi-fold Doors
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