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De-icing Products

Making sure that you take care of your animals. We carry several de-icing products. To keep your poultry water from freezing, we carry in stock three gallon fountain with heated base. The heated base will keep water from freezing down to zero. It is thermostatically controlled to operate only when needed.

Stock Tank Heaters
Several different tank de-icers are available, from a floating stock tank de-icer, sinking de-icer or universal drain plug de-icer. When using a drain plug de-icer, it has a thermostat control, that will shut off the water is it the level get to low. Please read instructions of all Stock Tank Heater. There are some that need to be placed in a freezer or outside if temperature is below 35 degrees for a hour in order to do an air test.

Well and Pump House Insulation
Insulate Well/Pump House with rigid insulation which is available in various thicknesses. We also carry Fiberglass insulation for 2 x 4 to 2 x 10 walls, either face or unfaced. If you need extra heat, place a light bulb or heat lamp in those spaces. Make sure if your using a heat lamp, use proper clamp light with ceramic base. Heat lamp will put off too much heat for the plastic clamp heat.


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De-icing Products

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