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Plan ahead
Talk to friends, neighbors and your local paint store employees to compile a list of reputable contractors. If possible, meet with two or three paint contractors. Get a feel for how they present themselves and their company. Are you comfortable with them and the idea of having them around your home for the duration of the project?

Prep Work and Techniques
Prep work is the key to a lasting paint job. What degree of prep work you need depends on how much deterioration there is of the existing finish. Let the contractors explain what prep you need and their techniques to prepare the surface for painting.

Proposals and Contracts
Get a written proposal stating prep work, techniques and paint products to be used. Compare proposals and make sure the details are explained so you understand the differences and similarities between them. The majority of the cost will be for prep and labor. So it really is worthwhile to use high quality paint products.


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Finding the Right Painting Contractor

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